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An experiment in blogging…

Apparently, it’s important  to have an on-line presence that isn’t entirely Facebook. I tried Twitter but it made my eyes go funny and then I remembered, I have a blog! A pathetic, neglected thing that fell down the back of the internet, never-the-less, a blog.

All I had to do is fish it out from behind the internet with some sort of coat hanger contraption and write something on it.

You might think, given there are so many funny, interesting and useful blogs, that you don’t need mine. To be honest, you’d be right BUT I do have a cunning plan. I shall  write nice things about people. Everyone likes to hear nice things about themselves,  don’t they? That should guarantee me at least the occasional reader. Tell you what, if you’re feeling a little gloomy, drop me a line and I’ll see if I can cheer you up.

Today’s experimental niceness goes to:

The towering talents that are  Candy GourlayTall Story a novel by Candy Gourlay and Jonathan Mayhew who are planning their book launches for ‘Tall Story’ and ‘Mortlock.’ Am madly excited about the launch of these  careers, they are going to be HUGE! And not in an eating-too-much-cake way.

Harriet Goodwin who  was pipped at the post for the Blue Peter Book Award by Ali Sparkes, fine company you’re keeping there Hat. If you haven’t read ‘The Boy Who Fell Down Exit 43’ I suggest you do so, there are things about the underworld we all need to know. Also, it is  ‘way cool’. Ahem, get me, down with the kids.

Gillian Philip and Mary Hoffman were recently nominated for *trumpet fanfare* the CILIP Carnegie medal. Doffing of caps to these two please.

Atticus the Storyteller: 100 Stories from GreeceOn the home front, my son discovered the brilliant ‘Atticus The Storyteller’ by Lucy Coats – here’s his review. Alright, it doesn’t carry quite the prestige of the Carnegie, but his approval is pretty darned brilliant in my eyes. Also, it’s possibly the first time in months he’s read anything that wasn’t by Philip Ardagh ( the bearded wonder) to whom grateful thanks must go for showing there is reading beyond Horrid Henry.

There we are. I enjoyed that.

Meanwhile, back in Mudville, I am coming to the end of another Dylan and Mouse story.It’s not quite finished but it is also not in the bin. It nearly was but some kind friends, notably Julie Wilkie and Nicky Schmidt , saved it and told me not to be so silly. I’m glad they did because the piece of  story that was missing has finally slotted into place and I no longer want to stick a shoe through my computer screen.

That story wasn’t the only thing I wanted to bin this week:

I’d happily have binned the request for a planning application to ‘regularise’ ( vomit) something our local council have been quite happy with for the ten-ish years.

Or the fact our bank manager wants to visit this month and I haven’t got the budget finished. Can I get away with last years, do you think,  if I make it look as if we’ll actually make some money? Might work if I ply him with lots of cake.

Then there’s eldest daughter’s genius idea for her 16th birthday. Having spent 2 weeks trying to persuade me to buy her a pig, she now wants a kitten. Not just any kitten, mind. A Ragdoll. £400!

Alright, cute, but what exactly is wrong with homing a rescue cat? I think she comes from a different planet to me, one in which money is no object and nobody abandons animals.

All that rubbish can go in the bin along with  the stink on my dogs coat.


That’s better. Quite therapeutic this blogging thing. I might do it again.

31 thoughts on “An experiment in blogging…”

  1. ROTFL! My dear Mrs Bung, you have exactly what it takes to be a wonderful blogger – loads of sunshine and light, niceness to others and lots and lots of laughs!
    I look forward to seeing much, much more!

  2. A lovely read at 8am with coffee too.
    How can I say this without sounding creepy– one can never have too much from Ms Evans. Blog on!
    I agree about the cat.
    And just put a lid on the bin, then nothing will fall in accidentally.

  3. Excellent blogging tactic. Then everyone you write something nice about will write something nice about you 🙂

    Can you buy me a rag doll kitten too? They are excellent to use as draft excluders, a mini blanket for your feet, scarves, paper weights. Such a useful pet!

  4. Brilliant Kathy – your stinky dog and your helpful dating tips made me smile, no – made me laugh! Great fun! And yes, rescue cats are a far better option – although mine’s a bit duff.

  5. How do I get you to write something nice about me? Maybe we can set up some kind of rota for recipients of niceness?

    I’ll say up front that I’m not prepared to roll in any unidentified urine for the privilege – not this side of Saturday night, anyway…

  6. No to the Ragdoll woman! All of this cheered me up, in my miserable edit, no end though…don’t know how you find the time…xxx

  7. Oh dear. A Blogging Star Is Born. Better look to my laurels (if I can find them–I know I put them SOMEWHERE). This is utterly brilliant, and thank you again for A’s reviewing of Atticus. As I think I have said before That Boy will go far if he sticks to the lovely murder and mayhem and other more unmentionable things wot myths are made of. If he reverts to the books of the Bearded One, on the other hand, there’s no hope for him at all. 🙂

    Lucy at

  8. Ragdoll kitten is gorgeous. My daughter wants an i-pod classic for her birthday, along with my “old” Macbook Pro so I think you’re getting off easy.

    1. She upped her game last night Meg, currently we’re standing at a donkey and a rickshaw… I laughed……

  9. Good to read with a cup of tea and local granary bread&honey at 10:30 am.
    Instigate a Nice Party – we could elect you!

  10. You are so clever with the sewing/knitting I think you could make the ragdoll cat – a lot cheaper option. Or I could make a cake of one!!

    Very funny blog to occupy a bored hop along like myslef.

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