A shot in the arm.

I have happiness buzzing through my veins.

Edits are not going well, the farm has  run out of money, Beloved is in his pre-season gloom, and I am skipping about like a five year old high on midget gems. Why?


A sad washout for many, for me it was an escape from my desk into the open arms of other children’s book aficionados. And the ones I know are fabulous.

Funny, interesting, welcoming.

The naughtiest one isn't even here - Anne Rooney.....you know who I mean.

And some of them are deliciously naughty, Volcano Squatting hey?

So this is just a little blog to say thank you to all of you – for giving me a lift, reminding me why I love the world of children’s books and why I keep writing.

If you blogged about  London Book Fair and want to share the experience with those who couldn’t attend please leave a link in comments.

Here I some they made earlier:

John Shelley, Candy Gourlay

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Candy says:

    fantabulous! it was an excellent, excellent time!

  2. Nick Cross says:

    So sorry I missed it, but not sorry that I finished the damn book because I didn’t go!

    Here’s to next year…

  3. John Shelley says:

    So you grow midget gems now too? Fabulous!
    Great to see you at the LBF, despite the publisher gloom we at least had a good time. It was very enlightening for me.

  4. Lucy Coats says:

    How did I miss this? It was SUCH FUN! Bit late for me to put my #LBF10 link in here now–but it’s in April at Scribble City Central if you’d care to hop over there!

    Lucy at http://scribblecitycentral.blogspot.com

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