Circles and Safety Nets.

The beginning of a new circle.

When I chose Godparents’ for my daughter, my dad was concerned that I chose friends, not family, for this special role.  He was worried friends  would drift out of her life.

He was wrong, they became our Chosen Family.

This weekend, on a clear, sunny afternoon in a Peak District village, my daughter became godmother to her Godmother’s son.

‘Today feels like the completion of a circle. 15 years ago, at my Christening, my parents gave me a safety net. Godparents who love me and look out for me. I have always been grateful for that gift.  I want to  make that promise for my godson, that I’ll be there for him always,  his safety net.”

Christian, Agnostic and Druid tradition’s were all given their moment at this beautiful ceremony.

Honouring the Earth and the Elements.

The Druid gifts, representing all the elements, were carefully chosen.  A piece of Blue John, a feather, a candle and water from the Holy Chalice Well in Glastonbury- and there was another circle.

15 years ago, the water my daughter was baptised in, also came from the Holy Chalice Well in Glastonbury.

Daughter, Scruffy Me and The Gardens of the Holy Chalice Well in Glastonbury.

Faith  is so often distorted into an excuse for violence and domination. I found it deeply heartening that for a brief, sunlit moment, people of all faiths and none, connected.  Standing  side by side, making promises, born of love, to one  small boy.

Promises that will become a new safety net, a new circle.

If only we were in charge of the world.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Lovely words and so true. We need people and knowing others are there for us, makes us feel safe and complete.

  2. Ahh! so true what you say about chosen family.

  3. bryonypearce says:

    That’s so lovely. I wish some of Maisie’s Godparents had been so ready to take part in her life. One has already culled us from his and didn’t even send her a Christmas card this year. You’re lucky to have friends who understand the meaning of being Godparents.

  4. Philippa says:

    Lovely, lovely concept of the circles – like ripples spreading and crossing in a spritual pond.

  5. Sue Hyams says:

    Such a beautiful post!

  6. Mariam Vossough says:

    I’ve only just read this. It made me want to cry. So lovely.

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