Is really quite rubbish in the holidays.

School holidays? Bah! Please see previous entry under stress related guilt trips.  Am well aware I am neglecting things over here – the blog is barren. feel I should give you something and thought of this:

You’ll have to imagine that horrid whiny noise for yourself.

Normal service will be resumed sometime in September I should think.

As an alternative you could leave interesting comments about what you’ve been up to. Anyone? Come on – take my mind off our accidentally murdered strawberry plants and overbearing crate auditors. Please?

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Hi Kathryn,
    I have been writing all summer. I have been working on a novel for 8-12yrs, two picture books, an idea for pre-schoolers and a blog for busy parents, called, ‘One A Day’. In the blog, I am giving one suggestion every day for a thousand days, of activities for parents and children to do together for fun and to stop the holidays from becoming boring.
    That’s all keeping me out of mischief anyway.

    1. V. Kathryn Evans says:

      Oh for a boring holiday!!! Sounds like you are VERY busy :O)

  2. meg rosoff says:

    Couldn’t be more sympathetic. Actually found myself looking forward to September yesterday. This is very convincing evidence that the human being is never…bloody….satisfied.

  3. That picture reminds me of Life On Mars, the bit where the little girl comes to life. I’m completely freaked out now.

  4. Sue Eves says:

    school holidays – last one for us – may get some work done next year – bah-hahaha!
    See you next week – (September!)

  5. hisssssffffttttsccrrrrrkkkkfffssssssccccchhhh… any good for a sound imitation of the test pattern? (Personally, I’ve long been convinced that noise is a communication from a parallel universe – and there is indeed a theory that says this is just so – next time, listen carefully…)
    Anyway, at least you still have summer… Er, you do still have summer don’t you? xxx

  6. Hi Mrs B

    Lots going on with artwork, uni study and still struggling with the website, the book production has slowed down as I can’t juggle too many things, but hey ho, all is good!

    I hope you have a good August and don’t get to waterlogged!

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