A Mile Stone

I’ll spare you the snog chart for  decencies sake. Note the flu pipe cunningly disguised as a massive cigarette. Subtle hey?

The degeneration of daughters bedroom from a charming, be-sequined boudoir, into a sort of bedroom version of a trampy,  grafiteed subway, was slow and subtle. I hardly noticed it happening until, one day, I realised I didn’t want my mother to go in and see the giant snog chart that had  sprawled over the ceiling, a saliva-infested-ivy-trail of debauchery.

And now, it is going, and I feel rather sad. Daughter has painted over the snog chart. She has  taken down the photographs of her and her pals drinking Bacardi Breezers and hanging out in Emsworth woods.  Pete Docherty has been rolled up and put away. She is painting her walls Rose White and wants me to make some blue Kidston-esque curtains for the windows. She wants a room of calm and quiet. A grown up’s room.

I’m not sure I’m ready to lose my stroppy teen.  It went too quickly. I feel like I did when she started school,  I want to drag my feet on the floor, put brakes on the world. This ride is going too fast for me.

The end of an era.

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  1. Gillian Philip says:

    Oh it goes so fast… this is why those songs make me cry, songs like ‘Turn Around’ and ‘Slipping Through My Fingers’… I’m not quite at your stage yet but I can already see it coming!

  2. Ah, but just think, you can look forward to and enjoy this phase – and then after this one, there’ll be another. There are no endings, only new beginnings. x

  3. Crumbs, I don’t want snog charts just yet… I have a feeling they aren’t too far away.

  4. ninakillham says:

    Very beautiful and very sad. I’m just on the verge of the teenage rollercoaster. It’s encouraging to know that I might miss it when it passes. Lovely post, Kathryn

  5. anne says:

    Melissa moved out to university 4 years ago, although she is only one hour away, our relationship changed yet again once she had moved out.

    We are now more freinds than mother and daughter although one in a while she still asks for advice, advice now is in the form of how do i sign a lease…..we enjoy every moment we can spend together and she is more than willing to share her life with me and introduce me to her flat mates and friends. This is the relationship that will carry for the rest of our lives and its a treasured one.

    Each stage is sad for a mother but there is hope that each stage brings a greater joy.

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