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Celebration, Inspiration, Perspiration.

Annual Conference

What a weekend.

The  Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators British Isles 10th Anniversary Conference.

This was brilliant:

Live critique with 7/10th's of our online group

Jackie Marchant, Jeannie Waudby, Jeanette Towey, Nicky Schmidt,

Candy Gourlay,  Ellen Renner


Then there was this:

Celebrating the MASS book launch.

So many names: Mike Brownlow, Jason Chapman, Jane Clarke, Lucy Coats, Keren David ( Carnegie nominated – gasp!) Candy Gourlay (Also Carnegie nominated – gasp, gasp!), Savita Kalhan, Maxine Linnell, Anita Loughrey, Jon Mayhew, Sarah Mcintyre, Tamsyn Murray, Ellen Renner (shortlisted for West Sussex Book Award), John Shelley, Donna Vann, Lee Weatherly, Sheena Wilkinson – phew!

I was bursting with pride just being in the same room as these people.

This was great:


Catching up with friends...

And this:


David Fickling - so much passion and energy the camera couldn't cope...





Sarah Mcintyre signing Vern and Lettuce - another for my pension shelf. I could watch her draw ALL DAY!

Ah! It was ALL brilliant :O)

And what did I learn?

  1. Combining news stories gives a great jumping off point for new ideas, thank you Keren David.
  2. Think about  place as character. I bought a truck load of  Marcus Sedgwick books after his inspiring talk.
  3. The pen portrait  is magic.  Miriam Halahmy as ever, your workshop was brilliant.
  4. I cannot resist fruit cake.
  5. I miss my kids when I’m away but, sometimes, it’s worth it.



13 thoughts on “Celebration, Inspiration, Perspiration.”

  1. My daughter is thrilled to bits that I got The Divine Marcus to sign her copy of Revolver. She’s planning on making her English teacher green with envy. I am here to serve.

    Lovely to finally meet you IRL!

  2. I’m off to read all my Marcus Sedgwick books now too!

    Thanks to my daughter, we seem to have an abundance of the purple Union Jack SCBWI badges. She took my advice to treat herself to a few Winchester souvenirs to heart.

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