Ipad, it’ll steal your mind.

It’s my agent’s fault, she first showed me Ipad’s lovely features: the bookshelf, the possibilities of easy editing, the ever-so-neat- general-gadgetiness of it.  She fanned the embers of a quietly smouldering interest into a full-on burning passion. There were, however, one or two things  she neglected to mention, that she might have pointed out before  I went full steam ahead and married my own Ipad.

A mild-mannered notebook....
Is Super Ipad!

In the beginning it was wonderful. Ipad turned those spare minutes sitting around at swimming/ballet/cricket/fencing/other myriad things my children require collecting from, into something useful.

When the child bell rang, I could easily transfer my manuscript from PC to Ipad and take it with me. I could write and edit everywhere without having to lug my laptop around. And the battery life, Oh the battery life was fantastic. We were so compatible,  I was getting heaps of writing done in previously wasted time:

At last small hands are an advantage, I can't play piano but the Ipad keyboard is made to measure.

I could catch up on reading:

You can down load sample chapters before you order the whole book...

For two weeks we had a wonderful working honeymoon. I cancelled my micro-sim so I we could be alone together, we didn’t need the internet when we were out, we just needed each other.

And then came the changes.

It started to control me.  I found myself unable to leave the house without it – a new routine was established – Keys, Phone, Purse, Ipad…I had to have it with me at all times.

It started watching what I drink:

Fascist Drinks Monitor

Keeping records of my thoughts:

Wait, let me write that down....

It informed my daily take on the news:


And then it came, the ultimate betrayal.

I was lost.

My good intentions shattered.

Ipad gave me Angry Birds.


Our once perfect relationship  spiralled into a downturn of game playing, of obsession.

Our time together became a sordid thing. Oh,  I can’t deny there was a thrill to be had, but afterwards, the shame, the shame….

I briefly considered re-installing the micro-sim, so we could go out together and watch the stars, but I could see it was just a pathetic attempt to rekindle the clean living of our early days.

I want our relationship  to be healthy again.  I want us to be writing,  editing, but Ipad’s heart isn’t in it and I’m not sure I have the strength to do it alone…some of the bad green piggies on Angry Birds have got orange moustaches… some one needs to deal with them…help me someone….help me…

Pure Evil in Pig Form

12 Comments Add yours

  1. I’m so torn – but I think its going to be Kindle. Focus on the reading and let the writing take care of itself in its proper place. But I’m so in love with technology How long will I hold out?

    1. V. Kathryn Evans says:

      5 minutes?

  2. bwahahahahaaaaa – the iPad, a work of evil genius!
    Am waiting for new iPad to be released (happening soon, I’m told) before I too fall into it’s clutches. I relish the prospect! 😉

    1. V. Kathryn Evans says:

      Have to say , haven’t found many glitches with this version – occasionally unresponsive – very rarely tbh – and I just couldn’t wait!

  3. I’m tempted. I thought that the IPad would be good both for reading and for writing. . . Haven’t made up my mind yet.

    1. V. Kathryn Evans says:

      It really is – it doesn’t have the matt glass that some e-readers have but the keyboard is very responsive – have to say Pages is missing some features I would like – a back arrow without deleting would be useful! And it is a bit fiddly moving documents from pc to ipad – you have to do it through itunes or some other web storage – but not a huge issue given what you get. I love it.

  4. Tina Lemon says:

    It does look very tempting, and oh so stylish!!! Though I do have the Kindle now, so I will have to say no, no, no…

    Though it would probably be sooooo compatible with my Macbook. Stop it! I said no, no, no…

    1. V. Kathryn Evans says:

      Actually guy in the shop said because i had a pc, ipad would be better for me than macbook, though if I’d had a macbook he might have said it’d perfect….

  5. LOL – thanks for the unbiased (and wonderfully amusing) info, I have no doubt I will succumb very soon – but I have a cunning plan….

    I have just started back at Uni, I enroll on Saturday and then I get education discount!!!

    1. V. Kathryn Evans says:

      A discount? Oh my crikey, you’re a lost woman! Stay away from the Angry Birds or you’ll be a drop-out before you know it….

  6. I hold out simply because I have an iPhone, they would sort of duplicate each other (you can read documents and edit them on the iPhone, and play Angry Birds), and because I really didn’t ought to afford to O2 contracts. But I do go in the Apple store and caress one every so often and ponder my encroaching infidelity. It just seems so profligate to buy one…

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