First day at school

My boy is off to big school, my girl has one year left…I remember the day she started, I can hardly believe it was so long ago. To all  of you with little ones  starting school, I remember how it feels:


baby toddler darling child

always in my heart

want you near me by my side

apart apart apart

love you need you miss your smiles

dreaded terms start

watch the hands crawl round the dial

my heart my heart my  heart

It goes so quickly, enjoy every minute.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. bryonypearce says:

    That just made me cry, you cow!

    1. V. Kathryn Evans says:

      They looked so cute this morning! Going to update the picture now he’s in BIG school uniform x

  2. kmlockwood says:

    Big softie!
    Lovely poem, Kath.

  3. Loving Archie in his blazer!

  4. Yvonne Green says:

    Oh, Kathy, it made me cry, too, and Mary had tears in her eyes!! Esme thinks Archie looks great in his uniform. The girls are back tomorrow and I know I will feel bereft, as usual, for at least two weeks, especially with Esme starting “big” school. Keep smiling all of you who feel the same :o) x

    1. V. Kathryn Evans says:

      Loads of love to all of you – Good luck Esme xxxxx

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