How not to apply for a job. Or is it?

I am so nearly finished writing my new book I’ve no time to blog, I’ve just got to get on with it.  In the mean time, I thought I’d share this with you.

It’s a genuine job application, sent to us a couple of years ago. I did wonder if it was a wind up but it came with a perfectly respectable CV…

hi kathy i am looking for a job working out doors well some times out doors any way so i thought that this job was relevent to me. also it is a farm that you have so i would love to work there because i really love animals (cute ones only). but if you gave me just the easy jobs and let me pet all of the baby cows and sheep i would be very good at that because i have 2 hamsters and they love me peting them also when you said we will be out in all weather does that mean if it was raining because i think i would be best in the barn stroking the cows or bottle feeding the lambs but the only down fall i have is that i am scared of pigs so if you had pigs could you please let me know so that i could cancel my plans to come and work on your farm thanks ****** x p.s could i bring popet and pickle my 2 hamsters because i would miss them to much.

I replied:

Well you made me smile but I don’t think you’re cut out for farm work,

And received this:

ok thank you so much hope you find the right person.
p.s if you ever do need a person to feed the lamb and chicks and baby moo’s you no were i am. *****,  popet and pickle xxx

I sometimes wonder if we should have given her a job.

Someone who signs a job application with kisses and wants to take their hamsters to work? Well, that’s got to make you smile a bit everyday hasn’t it?

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  1. What I love most about this is the picture of the complex mess on your desk. It’s a mirror image of my own, except I write phone numbers on the back of unpaid bills, rather than use a filofax. A funny post!
    Love n hugs n lots of xxxx

    1. V. Kathryn Evans says:

      Thanks Marnie – the mess never seems to go away, it just revolves :o)

  2. Dave Cousins says:

    Seriously? I almost spat my tea out, laughing. You should have asked her in for a day, just to find out what she was like. Brilliant. Thanks for sharing.

    1. V. Kathryn Evans says:

      I wish I had – she’s quite local – I wonder if I should track her down – only thing is, I think she’d be rather disappointed, being a fruit farm we don’t have any cute animals. Unless you count my kids?

  3. Fantastic – love it! I’d give her a job like a shot. Wonder how she is at soothing the brow of angsty vampires?

    1. V. Kathryn Evans says:

      Wonderful I should think – as long as it wasn’t raining and she was allowed to bring Popet and Pickle :o)

  4. I for one wish you did give her that job. Then we’d know more …

  5. And your farm ought to get into animal husbandry to fulfil her needs.

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