Why Blog?


There’s much talk amongst publishing pals about  ‘Media Platforms.’

For published authors, I guess this means a point at which your readers can contact you, find out more about you and where you can advertise yourself and your next book. For aspiring writers,  it’s not so clear.

Do we all need a ‘Media Platform?’ Should we all Tweet and Blog and Bookface in this already overcrowded forum?

What do I know?

I know there are some great writing blogs out there and I like to read them – I’ve just updated my links to some of them but I’d highly recommend Notes From the Slushpile – Candy Gourlay’s blog that, since her release from the slushpile,  has morphed into a shared platform for other authors and slushpilees.

I know that prospective editors and agents do Google potential writers – so if you are ‘building a platform’ you best treat it seriously.

I know that we are advised to know the purpose of a our blog and who our audience is.

And there I come unstuck.

Who is my audience? Why do I blog?

I’ve thought about it a lot, and the simple answer is, I enjoy it.  In the old days of Snail Mail, I used to love writing letters to friends and family – I’d stick things in them: articles from magazines, buttons, sweets, photographs, feathers –  silly things I’d picked up around the house – annoyingly – glitter.

My blog is just the same. It’s not a Media Platform at all – I’m doing it all wrong. I’m not profile building. I’m writing an open letter to family and friends stuffed with things that interest me.

If I could find a way to add sweets and glitter, I would :o)

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  1. Walter Boomsma says:

    I’m with you!

    Well, except I never stuck glitter in a letter. I’ve been the victim of that and it took a long time to pick it all up.

    On my blog, I note that I “occasionally feel the need to express myself…” and a blog is a wonderful vehicle.

  2. Dave Cousins says:

    What better reason to do anything, than because you enjoy it? We do far too many things because we feel we aught to. If you write with enjoyment and honesty, it will show in the words and resonate with readers – who ever they might be. Don’t go changing!

  3. Damn,the glitter just fell all over my laptop!
    🙂 best reason of all

  4. kmlockwood says:

    Keep it true to who you are. That is your voice – and what do readers/publishers/agents want – an authentic voice.
    Pity about the glitter.

  5. Nick Cross says:

    And I say, “Why not blog?” At least it gets you (virtually) out of the house 🙂


    P.S. I was just hearing about “glitter wars” the other day from a work colleague – he and a friend are competing to put the most annoying things in an envelope each time they send each other a card.

  6. Maureen Lynas says:

    I was more interested in getting the sweets. You can keep the glitter. And you do have a voice. It comes through in all of your blogs and posts on yahoo and facebook. it’s warm and funny.So I don’t think you need to write loads or have people follow you to hear amazingly insightful things. Just being yourself is enough.

  7. V. Kathryn Evans says:

    Thank you all! Still haven’t figured out the glitter but I’ve squashed this cake between the pixels for you ;o)

    1. Dave Cousins says:

      Cake! Where? What kind is it? Did I miss it? Is there any left? Cake!

  8. I ran into the same thoughts when I started blogging. Am I supposed to Tweet my posts and Facebook my Tweets or call the newspapers or some such? I also wonder about what ‘agents’ want from an aspiring writer. But every little thing I’ve ever been proud of I did from my heart. That’s just the way I tick, and what motivates me, and what nourishes me and what fulfills me. I have met others who rely heavily on the number of followers they are getting or the number of comments in a day. These are great gifts to be sure as a blogger, but best you go with what works for you!
    Thanks for the post.

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