The End.

It's a bit muddy, everything is round here.

I am no longer behind with farm work. Dinners are getting cooked. The ironing basket is empty. I have been to the hairdressers for the first time in months.

My book is finished.

Hoorah. She says. Dejectedly.

It’s not that I’ve sent it off to Lovely Agent and am checking my inbox every five seconds for a verdict.  Well, alright, it is that, but mostly, after 2 years of feeling love and hate for this story, these characters, I miss them.

I feel like some friends have gone away. Annoying friends who woke me up in the night, but friends, none the less.

I know what the cure is supposed to be.

New friends. Start a new project. I have two on the brew but can’t quite decide which new friends I want to hang out with for the next year or so.

It’s not helping much.

Am I a freak?

Do others feel like this?

What are your cures?

Does it stop when other people are reading about your characters and breathing new life in them?

I feel a bit like Pooh with his empty honey pot.


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Maureen Lynas says:

    Have a good cry and start the next one 🙂 You have to let your babies go.

  2. Navy Star says:

    Congratulations on finishing your book! It is a dream of mine to actually finish a book myself, but I can already totally relate to missing your characters. My characters, or friends, have been with me ever since I first met them years back. I am still in the process of discovering who they are though. Anyway, well done!

  3. I hate finishing projects; I walk round feeling lost for a day or so. Start a new one, quick.

  4. I know how you feel! But if you are missing your charcters that is a good sign – it means they are real and that is what writing is all about. I’m sure your agent will love it!

  5. Mark says:

    They live on in my mind and notes. If they get published they might get to come out again, or if not, they’ll probably appear in something else with a slightly different haircut.

  6. What Jackie said! Congratulations, Mrs Bung! I hope your manuscript will go forth and become a book!

  7. kmlockwood says:

    I know how you feel. My MA story is locked away in a metaphorical drawer and it was so sad not to dive into that world. So I’ve started creating another.
    Having read your cracking book, people will want to be with your characters so they will live again.
    Now get your dollies out and play some more.

  8. Di Toft says:

    I like the title – very interesting!

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