The Spy Who Liked Cake.

I have just rediscovered this work of genius by my son. He dictated it to me when he was four years old and we turned it into a little book. The illustrations were quite marvellous – red felt tip in abundance. I have scoured the house looking for the finished book but  all I can find is my typed out copy of the script – ah well, I shall share this joyous thing with you  – I think we could all learn some lessons from it. Not least where not to keep your cake.

The Spy Who Liked Cake.

I am Emily.

I am a lobster.

I am also a spy.

I am a spy lobster.

I have got a gun

I hide my gun in my pants.

Can you see my gun?

I don’t want you to see my gun.

That is why I hide my gun in my pants.

Can I come and play with you?


Why Not?

You have a gun in your pants.

A gun can go bang. 

A gun can go bang when we play.

A gun can hurt you.

Put the gun away, then you can play.

Ok. Do you like cake?

Yes I like Cake.

I will bring some cake.

 Yes, but not cake that has

 been in your pants.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Nancy H says:

    The ending was laugh out loud funny! A wonderful little tale.

    1. V. Kathryn Evans says:


  2. Sue Hyams says:

    A work of sheer genius!

  3. I quite agree – always check the source of your cake, especially if it is offered by a Lobster wearing pants.

  4. Snortle, snortle.
    That boy will go far.

  5. Totally brilliant. I am now off to look very carefully at where my cake has been, heaven forbid a lobster has it down his/her pants!

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