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Writer’s Tricks: Getting into the Emotional Zone.

I am brewing over a new plot. This requires top level procrastination so I thought I’d start a new BLOG SERIES.  Slightly ambitious maybe  as I only have this weeks topic in mind  – still, it’s a jolly good one!

You know the feeling: you’re in a tippity top mood, the sun is shining, you’ve just made yourself a perfect cup of tea, there is actually chocolate in the chocolate drawer and the tax man has just written to tell you he owes you some money. Your mood is ZINGING but you have to write the most sorrowful of scenes. What do you do? How do you get ‘in the zone’?

You could watch endless episodes of Eastenders. Or you could listen to a quick burst of Puccini’s O Mio Babbino Caro:

There you go – heart swelling already? Thought so.

And the opposite way around – gloom has struck, you’ve just received you hundredth rejection letter, watch this baby tear it to shreds and feel your mood soar!

Need an action injection:

Heart pounding and ready to skip to it? I bet you are.

What are the soundtracks to your writing?

9 thoughts on “Writer’s Tricks: Getting into the Emotional Zone.”

  1. Hi Kathy, I use this kind of thing ALL the time! I also have certain songs or pieces of music that help me get inside particular characters and express certain aspects of them. Dead handy for when you want to forget about your broken washing machine etc and get in the mood!
    Paula x

  2. Ahhh it’s total silence for me … I get into the mood by reading my favourite passages from books. I always take a bag of books that are relevant to the scene I’m writing that day.

  3. Oh – I’m with Candy – though sometimes I use recorded sea sounds or period instrumental music( especially if there’s builders outside!)

  4. …half an hour later, I’ve watched all of Jackie Evancho’s back catalogue ( 10 year old from America’s got talent on on the same page as Maria Callas, seen Micah laugh at ripping paper, burps, balloons and his baby sister and bounced to Pirates of the Caribbean… Disaster!
    I actually need quiet to write but I have NO discipline. I also very much need to write the chapter outline for the chicken house comp which is what I REALLY should be getting on with NOW.
    Love all your blog posts, Kathy. Bet you had fun making this one.

    Looking forward to the next ;o)

  5. Hello, I’ve been using music so heavily this week as I try to nail a re-write. I think it’s a bit like method acting, except with more typing!

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