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Writer’s Tricks: Listen to the FunEverse

Thank you so much for  your marvellous  advice last week  on  Getting Started.  I took it. Most of it. And it had an unexpected outcome.

First I had an idea. A little tiny bite size idea for a very silly poem. Chuckling, I wrote it down .  It didn’t hurt at all but I still wasn’t ready to plunge in with a new book so….

I searched my loft for a missing pair of china dogs – as you do – and accidentally found this:

A load of old nonsense from Edward Lear

More silly poems? What a very strange coincidence.

And then….

Radio 4 aired a Bicentenary Celebration of the Birth of Edward Lear. Well goodness, really, what a remarkable coincidence.

And then…..

I got an email from Maureen Lynas.  Could I get to work on my author page  for the brand new funEverse blog?  (funEverse is a group of SCBWI children’s poets who critique each other’s work in private and are very soon about to go PUBLIC – aaaargh)

Could I? Could I ? I HAD to – clearly the world of silly poems was conspiring to get me back to work.   Oh! What fun –  unbridled mucking about with words. And the funny thing is, that’s what made me want to write in the first place. Mucking about with words.

I can not wait to introduce you to the happy band of lunatics that inhabit the FunEverse – watch this space next Friday!

After three years of writing a book

At another I just couldn’t look

I’d had quite enough

Of high hopes and stuff

Not one look at a book could I took.

That’s silly, it doesn’t even make any sense!

I know! Isn’t it fun 🙂 Next time you’re struggling for words, take a bite size nibble at some verse.

Why not give it a go now?

9 thoughts on “Writer’s Tricks: Listen to the FunEverse”

  1. Hurrah for Edward Lear!
    The silly’s where it’s at.
    Come join us in the funEverse,
    When you’re feeling flat.
    We’ll send you out an invite,
    The countdown has begun,
    There’s only five days left to wait –
    Five, four, three, two one!

  2. The poetry Queen,
    (Her name is Maureen)
    Requested I do a quick rhyme.
    I replied in alarm,
    ‘I’m so sorry ‘mam,
    But I just do not have enough time.

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