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The FunEverse goes Live!!!!

Today’s the day we launch The FunEverse! It’s a poetry blog for schools and I’m just  so excited to be involved.  It’s brilliant working with such talented people – and that’s just the school children. The poets, quite frankly,  are all a  bit bonkers but what can you do?

Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to be introducing you to some of them but for now, please pop over to the FunEverse – you won’t be able to comment there but please come back here and tell me what you think.


They make me smile,  they make me write,

They make my gloom bats all take flight.

Life and work were so much worse

Before I joined the FunEverse

Happy FunEverse Day!


20 thoughts on “The FunEverse goes Live!!!!”

  1. Well done Kathy – it made me gasp
    To think what fun they’ll have in class
    And even when the rhymes just rhyme (see above!)
    They’ll still just have a lovely time

    Helen x

  2. Thanks for that sweet Kathy Evans
    I’m really glad to show my presence
    Assonance and rhyming too
    Come on all you Scoobydoos! x

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