Hip Hip Hooray, Words&Pictures on its Way!!!

SCBWI’s Words& Pictures is going ONLINE. This is very exciting news because, madly, the lovely editor has given me a job. And it’s the best job an over excitable writer with a weakness for champagne could possibly have! I am CELEBRATIONS editor. I get to share everyone’s good news, and for launch week , there’s a lot of it! Agents and awards, Carnegie Medal nominees, new books out, new books to come…in fact there is so much of it I’m going to have to spread it out a bit. Oh it’s all tippity top and splendid! Hope to see you there on 25th March, the first Celebrations posts will be up on the 30th.

Slideshare courtesy of web genius Candy Gourlay

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Brilliant! I’m so excited!

  2. Jan Carr says:

    You are lovely, Kathy x

  3. It’s not just tippity top and splendid. It’s bippity bop and bally marvellous!

    (Have we been watching too much Call the Midwife?)

  4. Jeannie Waudby says:

    And it is very beautiful!

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