The Upside of Being An Unpublished Writer

1. Comradeship with other UW’s

2. No deadlines except the ones you set yourself.

3. Ability to write whatever you like.

4. Intact golden dream of life after publication.

5. Urm….

Please add more, I need cheering up…






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  1. levparikian says:

    Errm…no hold on a minute, I nearly had it….dang, it’s gone. Can I get back to you?

    1. V. Kathryn Evans says:

      I shall hold you to that…

  2. You get to do your own covers, of course!

  3. 5. You still have the glory and the publicity of the ‘amazing debut novel’ to come

    6.No other publisher will think ‘she’s already published, we’re really looking for someone we can nurture, shape and further the career for ourselves’

    7. You have no previous books that achieved lower-than-expected sales figures.

    8.You can enter competitions for unpublished writers

    9. You have the never-to–be-repeated, unforgettable excitement of that ‘Wow!!! I’m going to be published!’ moment still to come (and all the celebrations and bubbly!)

  4. Victoria says:

    When you get a bad review/feedback, you can use it to fix your work rather than letting it eat you up from the inside.

    You get to engage in a brilliant community of fellow dreamers.

    You can still write what you want, rather than what an editor requires of you.

  5. V. Kathryn Evans says:

    This is great – keep it up!!! More, more…

  6. Nick Cross says:

    Who wants to be in the situation where their best work is behind them? All of your best moments are still to come.

  7. Laura Crean says:

    complete control over content and cover etc – but then you have to work your butt off to promote your work! 😉

  8. Mark says:

    Drunken internet rants go unnoticed.

  9. Miriam Craig says:

    You have a goal, a purpose, something to work towards, something that gives your life meaning.

  10. Miriam Craig says:

    Also, we live in an age when self-publishing is taking off, so there are more possibilities open to us than unpubbed writers of the past.

  11. Jan Carr says:

    Everyone’s so wonderfully positive!
    You’re all such good people.
    I’m not.
    Kathy, you agented person you, may not be able to enter UV2014
    but you can enter The Chalkface Challenge! Go on go on go on – you know you want to.

  12. V. Kathryn Evans says:

    Ooo Jan – I missed that – is it in Words and Pictures? Going to check it out right now…

  13. V. Kathryn Evans says:

    Hmmm, 9-11’s – I don’t really fit the age cat….muses….

  14. John Shelley says:

    You don’t have to talk up the press, or go on those exhausting, distracting school visits. You don’t need to fill out self-employment forms for HMRC (though you’ve other problems there haven’t you!), and you don’t have to answer distracting fan mail asking you for free signed books.

  15. You haven’t got the Fear of Never Getting Published Again. Kathy you’re a brilliant writer, hang in there.

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