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First Post – Tackling Procrastination: The Ghosts of Projects Past

This blog featured in Bekki’s amazing book ‘NLP for Writers’ – she really is one of the best motivators I know – well worth a follow

Dartmoor Creative - Bekki Hill

Having been a creativity coach for almost 15 years doesn’t make me exempt from the pitfalls; my life goes out of kilter, I lose confidence, I get stuck, I think unhelpful thoughts, I procrastinate. But if I’m to ‘walk my talk’ I need to continually address these things. In this blog I’ll share how I do this in my creative life. In doing so, hopefully I’ll help my readers gain greater creative fulfilment and focus more effectively on their creative dreams. I’m also blogging to inspire, motivate and help myself and others increase and maintain creativity. I’ll probably blog about a few other creative things too. I hope you decide to join me on this journey.

Today, I’m starting by blogging about procrastination…

The Ghosts of Projects Past

GhostsI stepped into the new year with a trail of unfinished creative projects skulking behind me. As we head towards February they remain lurking in the…

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