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The Ultimate Cat Excuse

Lovely Lucy Coats and her beautiful book Cleo

I had planned to blog about attending Lucy Coats’ fabulous book launch for her new book Cleo last night. The book is so beautiful I can’t wait to read it – Lucy looked divine, there was Prosecco and cake and the most wonderful canapes. It was relaxed and warm and just lovely – I even got to dress up.

I was going to tell you how exciting it was to make my way through the crowds of Hip Young Things  gathered outside the bars of Borough Market to the amazing venue where it was held – it was SO COOL being buzzed up through the secret doors to the penthouse overlooking the Thames!

I was going to tell you about reading Catherine Johnson’s completely fabulous new Book The Curious Tale of The Lady Cariboo on the train and not getting into sticky situations with ex-convicts.

Anne Rooney Mary Hoffman Sarah Towle Lovely Literary Pals
Anne Rooney Mary Hoffman Sarah Towle
Lovely Literary Pals

I had planned to tell you what a joy it was to catch up with other writery friends ( which it was) and how lovely to meet new ones ( which it also was).

I wanted to point out the gorgeous book display from the quite delightful team at Tales of Moon Lane, and the flamingoes and cakes and papyrus adorning the gorgeous venue.

I can’t, however, do any of these things, because of this:

The ultimate cat excuse.

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