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Surviving the Slushpile


If you are an aspiring writer and you don’t yet know the Notes from the Slushpile blog, you are in for a treat! NftSP was originally Candy Gourlay’s writing blog. Aside from occasional guest posts, Candy ( by some miracle of time-turning) raised a family, pursued her own writing career, LEARNED TO CODE!!!!  and  grew an audience of thousands for her amazing blog. Five years ago I was asked to guest post there, which I did with huge excitement and enthusiasm, but two weeks ago, I was invited to join the blogging team that now keep Notes From the Slushpile alive with interesting articles. Obviously, I had to say,

‘Oh sorry, I’m too busy.’

Ah ha ha! As if THAT was ever going to happen.  Since discovering NftSP years ago, I’ve followed both the blog and Candy’s mantra, ‘We’re all tired anyway so let’s do it all.’

So what I actually said was,

‘Yay, Yay and more Yay!!! I would be honoured and delighted and when can I post!’

My first post is Surviving the Slushpile. It’s a bit on the giddy side. Thanks for having me Candy Gourlay, Teri Terry, Maureen Lynas, Addy Farmer, Jo Wyton and Nick Cross. I do solemnly swear to use my spellcheck.

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