Why I like Being A Yes Woman: Spirits of Ishtar Bellydancers Do The Strictly.

I am a Yes Woman.

Sometimes I should probably say: “No, sorry, I don’t have time.”

But then I wouldn’t get to do fun stuff like this:

More often than not, I’m glad I say “Yes.”  Watch to the end, we laughed a lot!

Life can be short, live it.

P.S. Yes I am completely over dressed. If you even half know me, that won’t be a surprise. DRESS UPS!!!!

Thanks to Gay for teaching, Cheryl for organising and being my partner (no moustaches this time), Vivi for filming, Sitara, Susan, Fiona, Annie, Teresa, Sarah, Angie and Helen for performing and all the girls who didn’t want to be in it but were laughing along with us – I’ve had so much fun with you lot over the years – lets keep saying YES!

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Hope you can you hear my applause from there. My friend’s mum who’s 80ish says she always says ‘yes’ because if you say ‘No’ you won’t get asked again. Sounds wise to me 🙂

  2. addyfarmer says:

    Loved it! That looked fun!

    1. V. Kathryn Evans says:

      It was!

  3. Belly! I saw your belly! Loved this.

    1. V. Kathryn Evans says:

      It is quite hard to miss x

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