Everyday Sexism: I’m A Celebrity

I’ve had to add a post script to this original post:

I watched I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here with my son last night. I know a lot of people think it’s tosh, and for the most part, it is – but by god does it reveal some deeply ingrained attitudes in our society.

So we had an inkling Tony “Spandau Ballet” Hadley is one of those men who thinks he’s being chivalrous (when in fact he’s being  sexist), when he ejected gorgeous George over gorgeous Jorgi, after their first failed trial because:

” It wasn’t fair,”

for it to be one of the girls.

Why not? At that point in the competition, Jorgi did look like a weak link – she then went on to prove she’s far from it, but at that point, the “fair” thing would have been to eject her.

Hadley didn’t. He ejected the pretty boy and kept the pretty girl. But, you know, cut a man some slack, maybe he was just trying to be kind, however misguided.

But when he was asked to rate the camp mates from the most hard working, to the least hard working. He put ALL THE WOMEN at the bottom. ALL OF THEM. Even though two had jumped out of a helicopter, one of them winning a trial ( well done, Jorgi);   they’d all contributed to winning the first night’s food and Lady C and Jorgi had just won 10 stars, after a disgusting trial, to feed the whole camp.

Then he, and Chris Ewbank, stood back and looked at their display of tip top men and worthless women and it didn’t even occur to them to question whether that could be right?

Why is it that the work women do, not matter what it is, is so often assumed to be of less value than men’s work. Why isn’t that questioned ALL THE TIME.

Well I’m calling you out Hadley and hooray for Lady C taking a stand.

I’m with you sister.

It’s personal.

Lady c

PS I am utterly dismayed to watch Lady C being revealed as nasty and manipulative.  We can be strong women and not be rude, mean and self righteous – Vicky you are a case in point. I’m rooting for you!




4 Comments Add yours

  1. Think Lady C’s been cooking too, hasn’t she? Yep, more women’s work that doesn’t count.

    1. V. Kathryn Evans says:

      Makes me so mad – on the plus side, both husband and son were incredulous.

  2. I haven’t followed it so far this year but agree completely – sexism shouldn’t be an issue any more in this day and age, and when it does pop up it should be questioned immediately!

    I feel your pain. Sadly I work with someone who calls herself a feminist but really just hates men and takes every opportunity to slander them over nothing – sexism can go either way but somehow, when someone calls themselves a feminist it’s accepted? I don’t understand this world.

    1. V. Kathryn Evans says:

      Yes that is tricky – I always say feminism is about equality, not hating on anyone!

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