Would you be Six Again? Transgender Stefonknee Would.

Stefonknee Wolschtt Stefonknee Wolschtt  has chosen to live his life as a six year old girl. If you’re interested in why, you can read more about it here.

Hands up here, I have no problem supporting anyone who feels they are in the wrong body and needs to address that, or those who prefer to dress in clothes that are typically designed for the opposite sex – to be honest, I love being a woman, I feel female to my core – if I had been born in a male body, I hope I’d be brave enough to try and address it. No, this story fascinated me for a different reason. Not because of Stefonknee’s choice to live as a female, but her choice to live as a child.

Teva, the main character in my new book More of Me, is sixteen but she lives with her six year old self. And her Fifteen year old self. And several other selves and different ages. (I know, weird, hopefully it’ll all make sense if you read the book.) While writing the story,  I spent a lot of time thinking about what it was like to be those different ages and I realised something. I may have a lot of wrinkles, but I’m happy to be the age I am. Six was hard. Fifteen was harder.

If you could choose an age to be, would you change? How old would you be and why?

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  1. I think we need to keep moving on. There’s up and own to being all ages, but would I really want to go back – no.

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