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What’s it Like? Things you don’t know before you’re published.


Here are a few unknown unknowns – things you need to do as a published author that you never even guessed at:

  • Blog posts, heaps of them , which is GREAT, because I am a massive chatterbox and they allow me to chatter. I’m blogging at Notes from the Slushpile ,  YAshelfies,  and on all sorts of yummy blogs of friends who have invited me , or not friends who’ve been wrangled into it by the fab publicity team at Usborne.
  • Keep secrets. Literally, every  contract for a deal or an event has to be kept under wraps until someone says “Go!” That is HARD when you never shut up.
  • Be aware of your behaviour on social media- this isn’t just about not swearing and calling everyone a walrus , this also means being present. I tweet therefore I am.
  • Read! Oh so much wonderful reading that you don’t have to feel guilty about. It’s work!! I have read so many great books in the last month alone – Cat Clarkes’ The Lost and Found, Hilary Freeman’s When I was Me, Sarah Crossan’s One, Liz Coley’s Pretty Girl Thirteen – and these are just my favourites!
  • Fill in German tax forms. I know – who knew? Well, my agent, obviously.
  • Make difficult decisions about overseas publishers that probably aren’t as difficult as you think if you can stop being an arse for five minutes. It’s fine, I got over it. Twit that I am.
  • Find more time – I know. I thought I could do it all but turns out writing  without deadlines is a whole lot easier to fit in than writing with deadlines. Especially when you’re fitting in all the promotional stuff.

And you know what? I love all of it! Except maybe the tax forms. Definitely not the tax forms.

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