Reviews for More of Me

Brilliant, weird and crackling with teenage energy, Teva’s story will stay with you long after you finish the final page. Kathryn Evans’ mind is clearly a very interesting place. I LOVED it. More of this. Amazon reviewer.



  • Sophia – ‘This book was brilliant! Blew me away… So much had gone into it I literally could not stop reading! Thank you!’

  • Brodie, age 13 – ‘This book was absolutely impeccable. Evans really out did herself, from the interesting plot to the individual details, everything is pieced together to make an absolutely fabulous book.’

  • Lucie Harrison – ‘I absolutely loved More of Me! It was so unique…with an unpredictable plot which had me hooked all the way through.’

  • Humaira Kauser, age 17 – ‘Original, Enthralling and hard to put down.’

  • Amelia Corrick-Gough, age 14 – ‘This book is one of my favourites. What if I was Teva? What would it be like to have no future, to never see my friends again? I bonded with them like no others because of their poor quality of life…I won’t forget this book anytime soon!’


Lancashire Evening Post

A brilliant page-turner from a talented new writer…

The Book Bag

A powerful page-turner based on what is likely to be one of the most original concepts of 2016. A must-read for teens and adults alike.


The last time I cried this much was after All The Bright Places…Guys, keep your eyes peeled for this book!

Serendipity Reviews:

There is nothing like this on the YA market. I love this book! Already a firm favourite with me and will definitely be one of the most talked about debuts of 2016.

Tanya Landman, Carnegie Medal Winner 2015:

Very weird and very wonderful. What a debut!

Teri Terry, author of the Slated series:

Weird, wonderful and utterly fabulous, I read this is one big gulp. I loved it!

The Bookseller:

A gripping thriller with a sinister sci-fi edge, exploring family, identity and sacrifice.

Mary Hoffman, author of the Stravaganza series:

An attention grabbing debut which kept me surprised right up to the end.

Tamsyn  Murray, author of My So-Called Afterlife:

A super-smart, standout read that takes a pinch of sci-fi, a dash of romance and a hefty dose of tension and mixes them all up in a contemporary test tube. It grabbed me from the first page and didn’t let go!

Bryony Pearce, author of Phoenix Rising:

A tense, thought-provoking  thriller about the (quite literal) pain of growing up. What is really wrong with Teva? I couldn’t put this novel down!