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What’s it like? 2 Days To Launch Day

I have tried to write a sensible “week before launch day” post. Honestly I have tried . The thing is,


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On Monday very many of my friends and family will be joining myself and Usborne  to celebrate the launch of More of Me in London. That is genuinely enough excitement for anyone. Then I’m  doing it all again in Chichester on Thursday.  I am as giddy as a school girl who’s eaten too many fruit pastilles and just been introduced to Beyonce.

That is my current base line level of excitement.

Add to that a continuous trickle of breath takingly good reviews, ( THANK YOU SO MUCH),  winning a silver medal at last weekend’s fencing competition, being sent gorgeous flowers  by my Aussie Aunt and Uncle and jewellery from my baby sister, signing contracts with my German publisher and other behind the scenes publishy stuff and well, you can see why I am actually bouncing off the walls.

So I’ve given up. Nothing sensible is coming out of this head for at least a week.  Thank you, all of you, your support means the world. I shall try and be slightly less annoying when it’s all over.


PS: What’s it like? IT’S AWESOME, keep writing – it is SO WORTH IT.

5 thoughts on “What’s it like? 2 Days To Launch Day”

  1. I’m getting excited just reading about your excitement!! It’s infectious! Best of luck for the launch, although it sounds like everything’s in place for a spectacular week! I can’t wait to receive my copy, there’ll be a review on CookieBreak, too 🙂

    (and wow, fencing? You have no idea how jealous I am right now! where do you learn?)

  2. Thank you!!! You are so supportive 🙂 I fence for Chichester but there are clubs all over the UK – I love it!

  3. Hi Kath. Jules & I are very excited for you too. You are an amazing woman, true inspiration. Can’t wait to read More of me. It’s such an original concept….better start polishing up on your screen writing skills!!!

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