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Ace Club, lower your lashes: RIP Louise Rennison

Today I am wearing my boy entrancers at half mast. I debated shaving my eyebrows off but I have school visits to do and I don’t want to frighten the children. Something had to be done though, for yesterday, the lightiest of lights went out.


Sometimes an author comes along who throws away the rule book. Louise Rennison was one such author. She gave us characters to laugh with and identify with, stories that chimed with young people’s lives – her writing was hilarious and touching, mad and  wonderfully creative.

News that she died yesterday, only in her early sixties,  has shocked many of her fans.  If you’re reading this, you may well be one of those fans, if so, weren’t we lucky? I feel like we’re all part of the Ace Club. If not, you’re still lucky, you have the joy of her books to discover.

Her books had such an impact on me – they gave me the courage to really free my own teenage voice. Not that I write like her, nobody could.

RIP Louise Rennison, thanks for all the laffs.

He who laughs last laughs laughiest xxxx


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