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For Everyone Who Cared: Pike

In just two days, there have been over 6000 shares, views and comments  in response to my open letter to whoever shot my beautiful Pike. The local press and radio have been in touch  and word has spread all over Facebook and Twitter. Thank you so much – you have  been amazing. Well, 99.9% of you have been but I guess there will always be some people who have shards of ice in their hearts –  we should feel sorry for them because they will never know the love and trust that can exist in a home shared with a cat.

In writing the letter, I  hoped to reach  whoever took Pike’s life. I hoped that anyone thinking about harming an animal in this way might think again. I hoped to keep my other cats safe. Yet I know it made a lot of you very sad and  I realised  how unfair it was. You’ve shared in our sorrow but had no chance to share in our joy.

So here’s a little video,  just for you – Pike had a short life but a fabulous one, he was great – smile and know that he was loved:

Music by my fabulous brother who also makes guitars!! And amplifiers. He’s pretty clever.

Longview Guitars

Kathryn Evans is an author and farmer’s wife. She lives on  a strawberry farm near Chichester,  with her husband, two children and a host of furred and feathered creatures.    More of Me, published by Usborne, is her debut novel. Agent: 


6 thoughts on “For Everyone Who Cared: Pike”

  1. Oh, how lovely! Thank you! It is sweet of you to think of us in that way. Lovely video. Clearly a splendid cat in every way with a great talent for paper-shredding. Lots of love. Xxx

  2. Oh my god. I don’t think I can bring myself to read the original letter you posted on social media. That may be selfish of me. But I can’t even imagine how you felt. I’m so sorry for what happened and know that Pike will always live on no matter what. Would you consider getting another cat soon? xx

    1. You lovely – I have two other cats and a dog! I know, so greedy – we inherited Widget, my old grandad cat, Pike and Kashima were kittens we rescued as a pair lasy year. I can’t be without a cat, my house doesn’t feel right xxx

  3. Bless him, such a character. These are the memories worth hanging onto. Hopefully they will come to the surface, in future, when you remember him XX

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