Tommy and his friends Vs Cancer

Something will get us all in the end, for 1 in 3 of us it’s most likely to be cancer. In the case of far too many of my friends, cancer has been playing the meanest of games. It makes me want to  scream,

“Not yet you greedy dastard, not yet.”

My own Mum ( my second one for those who know a bit of my history) is a cancer survivor.  I have an older sister, a younger sister and a brother. When we were told Mum had cancer, I must have been about 9.  I remember thinking,

“But cancer doesn’t exist in this country anymore, surely that can’t be right?”

I thought cancer was like typhoid and diphtheria and polio – one of those horrible illnesses that robbed hob-nailed little Victorian kids  of their mothers and fathers – not people like us. Not my family.

My Mum had a horrendous battle – and I know there are those who object to it being called a battle – well that’s fine, but if you are the one in the fight, i think it’s up to you what you call it. It was a battle, for her and for us. And now, so it is again, for far too many of my friends, one of whom is  the warm, funny and talented Tommy Donbavand, author of a lot of books including the fabulous Scream Street, now a CBBC show.

Tommy and his wife Kirsty have two kids, Arran is 16 and Sam is 9. I couldn’t help thinking, as they were told of their dad’s throat cancer, did the same thing go through their minds? This can’t be happening to us….

To be honest, we all know cancer couldn’t care less. It doesn’t care that  it’s attacking Tommy’s throat. It doesn’t care that Tommy has had to cancel all his future school visits and  events because he won’t be able to talk. It doesn’t care that Tommy is filled with dread that without events he’ll lose half his income and will struggle to support his family. Cancer doesn’t give a flying monkey’s pooh about any of that – but we do. His friends. So eff off cancer,  you might have started the fight but Tommy is squaring up to you and  there are a fair few rank and file friends in his corner.


How can we help?

Well, Tommy had  a brilliant idea, for a tiny fee every month you can be one of his patrons and get access to super special new content. You can read about it, and sign up if you want,  on his Tommy vs cancer blog.

And obviously, you can buy his books! To that end, a few bloggers, me included, are going to be taking part in a blog tour.

The Tommy VS Cancer blog tour will start on the 1st of June and run till the end of the month. You can find out who’s involved and what’s going on using the twitter hashtag #tommyvcancer.

We might not be doctors but we can be friends. We’re behind you Tommy!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Catherine Cargill says:

    Brilliant idea. Will do.

    Also: have just started “More of me” and am loving it. Amazingly original idea and really gripping. Also very believable given the premise- which I think must be the aim of any fantastic fiction/ sci-fi, not that I’ve ever written any but I should think that is the basic requirement: it has to hold together under its own logic, which it is doing. Thank you for this! X

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. Kathryn Evans says:

      Thank you! On all counts 🙂

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