The Joy of #Yalc

#Yalc= Young Adults Literature Convention

Last year I saw all the excitement around YALC  and was just desperate to be there. So this year, by hook or by crook, I wasn’t going to miss it.   I begged my publisher shamelessly and bought tickets for Saturday and Sunday just in case they didn’t say yes, but I WORE THEM DOWN – hee hee hee. I was going to YALC!!! And oh my giddy aunt it was everything I expected and more.

I should probably explain that I am a huge reader as well as a writer. I’ve been collecting signed books for YEARS.  Here’s a little glimpse at my collection…


I may have added these at the weekend!


And it was so great to hang out with team Usborne and my fab editor Sarah Stewart:

I didn’t stop smiling all weekend

And catch up with other Usborne writers

CosCnk3UMAAGAJt (2)
Me with the fab Sarah Alexander’s The Art of Not Breathing and Sarah with More of Me at Usborne HQ 🙂

I met fans of More of Me:

Lovely to meet you !

Listened to fab panel talks

Giving voice to anxiety and other important issues

Saw pals having as much fun as me: SCBWI pal Tania Tay, writing group buddy Vivienne Da Costa, and the gorgeous Malorie Blackman whose memory is as amazing as her books. (And in the background, I had a visit from my German publisher!)

I met twitter friends  in real life: Chelley Toy, Sarah Crossan Carnegie winning author of One, and Fleet Library’s famous Austen Bear!

And the there was the green room!  From the table doodles…

Chris Riddell was here…

To the people – writers whose work makes me laugh and cry and stare open mouthed at the magic they create on the page…

Tanya Landman, Me, Francis Hardinge and Philip Reeve – I mean SERIOUSLY? This happened????

And they were all so nice and normal and approachable so I didn’t once feel like the new girl, even though I SO was.

YALC was AMAZING – and because it happens within  Comicon – even leaving was fun…

So wish I had a video of this guy running to cross the road…

So now I can’t wait for Edinburgh Festival and YAShot  – whoop!!! If you can come, please do – it’ll be great!

Kathryn Evans is the author of More of Me. She’ll be appearing at the Edinburgh Book  Festival on 15th August and  YAShot on 22nd October.  If you enjoyed More of Me, please vote for it in the EdBookFest first book award 🙂

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