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World Book Day 2017!

World Book Day is almost upon us and I’m super excited!  When I daydreamed about being a published author, school visits were one of the things that occupied a lot of my procrastination time (school visits and book launches…true fact that) . Recently I was at Mayville High School in Portsmouth – this was my first visit to a school in my home town and I had a great time. The completely lovely Gemma Stoneman runs the library there- with  enthusiastic staff and pupils and book sales organised by the lovely Colin from Hayling Island Bookshop , it  couldn’t go wrong.

Mayville are also shadowing the Amazing Book Awards which I’m delighted to say More of Me has been shortlisted for.


And they’re in the city which has just shortlisted More of Me  for The Portsmouth Book award. We should have had a party really, why didn’t I think of that?   I should have taken cake. Ah well,  we had a fab time even without cake. They came up with lots of great characters in our workshops and their airplane engineer role play was just a little bit  AWESOME ( though I think Liverpool’s Alsop High holds the record for most enthusiastic involvement in that particular activity…)

Fabulous pupils at Mayville High School – Portsmouth. My first school visit in my home town, it was ACE – and look how co-ordinated we are!

Want to know what I love best about school visits?

  • Sharing my love of  READING. I know, I’m a total reading geek – I don’t even care who knows it! Reading is so useful, so helpful, so fun – it’s a habit that has no downside (unless you have homework to do. Or a book to finish writing.  Ahem)
  • Showing off – let’s face it, I am a bit of a show off. I love dressing up and prancing about so if I can do that with a purpose, why wouldn’t I?
  • Inspiration! When I go to schools I get to spend time with the people who read my books and they ask the best questions and come up with such fabulous ideas – they keep me on my toes writing wise. Writing for children, and in my case, young adults, is hard – they won’t put up with anything but the best and visiting schools reminds me that that’s what I’ve always got to aim for.
I may sometimes encourage a bit of mess but it’s CREATIVE mess.

March is going to be busy – I’m all over the place and I can’t wait!  See you soon if I’m at your school and if I’m not? Nag your librarian to book me – it’s easy, all the details are here.

Next stops: Pinner, Glasgow, Havant and Newark – and that’s just next week…Glasgow is a free public event at Waterstones with my Lost and Found pals – do come along if you’re free!

Kathryn Evans is the author of More of Me,  winner of the Edinburgh International Book Festival First Book Award and Carnegie Medal nominee for 2017.

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