Author Visits with Kathryn Evans

What  does an author do on school visits? What’s the point of them?

 Over the last two weeks I’ve been  on visits from Birkenhead to Bideford. The schools, and the children, can be as different as chalk and cheese but as a visiting author I aim, and  hope I deliver, a fun and informative day that will encourage children to read, help them with their writing  and inspire them to achieve – whatever their life goals are.

West Kirby Grammar School took lots of pictures on my visit with them that they’ve very kindly allowing me to share ( thank you!)  They give a really good flavour of what you can expect if you invite me to your school.  As my visits often do,  this one started with a talk to the whole of years eight and nine. Their school motto is:

Ad metam contendo; ‘Strive towards the goal’

A perfect fit for my talk on Resilience and Reading.

I had the most fabulous introduction  by three lovely pupils.
Talking about my innermost dreams!
Sharing some of my reading history.  I met Huxley’s Great-great – granddaughter  at a school in Birkenhead (she very kindly signed my book – hello Katya!)

The rest of the work day was spent doing workshops. These are smaller groups, usually of about 20-30 pupils, where we get to grips with some of the nitty-gritty of writing.  It’s fun but hard work and no slacking off is allowed!


Quite often I’ll spend a bit of lunch time signing books.

This often gives me a chance to meet pupils have a particular interest in writing.  This was the case at Prenton High School . Oh the energy and passion of these young  adults!  I was so inspired by them, also they gave me chocolate (thank you!) and poetry ( thank you Grace, such beautiful words, I was so touched) and a portrait (Jessica, thank you, you’re so talented and I’m so lucky!) and they shared their stories – what an amazing gift that is.IMG_2592


Every school is different, every child is different, so every visit is different but they all have one thing in common – author visits can inspire and engage and inform – and if  you have me for a visit, I’ll do my very best to make it fun too!


Kathryn Evans is available for school visits all over the world.  If you’d like to book her for an event at your school, college or writing group, please contact Authors Abroad.


4 thoughts on “Author Visits with Kathryn Evans”

  1. Wow! What amazing gifts from such talented pupils! And I know from experience that many more will have been inspired by your brilliant talks. All so lucky to have a visit from such a lively, wonderful author ❤️

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