Alt-Write – A Creative Reaction to Uncertain Times

A lot of things have happened in the world recently, scary things, things that make me sad. A lot of hate and misinformation has been shared. A lot of people have been hurt, physically and mentally.

Individually, it’s hard to believe you can do anything about it – that when those in power behave in the worst kinds of ways, we can do nothing to stop that.

Maybe that’s true.

Maybe it’s not.

When I was asked if I’d contribute to Alt-Write – a collection of stories, poems and illustrations donated by artists  to challenge the darker ways the world behaves in sometimes, and to raise money for UNHCR, I really wanted to say yes but…

I write novels, not short stories. I’d tried, and failed, many times before.  I really wasn’t sure I could do it – and by a deadline.  I ummed and ahhed and in the end I decided I had to try, because I believe that trying to do something is better than shrugging your shoulders and giving up. So I did – and it turned out okay.  I think. Maybe. You’ll have to buy the book and judge for yourself if you really want to know. And if you don’t like my story –  there are loads of really cool contributors:

Philip Ardagh

Frank Cottrel Boyce

Lucy Coats

Inbali Iserlis

Savita Kalhan

Patrice Lawrence

Korky Paul

Chris Riddell…

It goes on and on – here’s the full list

But it can’t happen without you. Will you sign up to support this project? It might help. It’s surely worth a try?

Alt-Write – A creative Reaction to Uncertain Times.

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