Christmas Gifts for Readers and Writers

I was going to write a post about love and loss at Christmas but find I just don’t have the heart. Instead, I want to give you a gift.

For writers, here are three  websites you’d do well to follow:

For tips, advice and support, Notes From The Slushpile is the place to be.  I am one of the slushpile team, so I may be biased, but I’m a late joiner! I was a follower of the blog long before I was a contributor. It’s often funny and always informative.

For professional, no holds barred, on-the-money advice follow Stroppy Author. It doesn’t matter that it’s not been updated very recently, trawl its archives for amazing insight into the world of publishing.

And for the best advice on synopsis writing and query letters ever, from anywhere, you want Nicola Morgan.  who’s website is currently being updated but will, I’m sure, be back up soon!

For readers, there’s one blog I follow that I absolutely love. It gives neat little book reviews, author interviews and festival insights.  Book Witch posts pretty much everyday with quick and observational reads – subscribe and you can dip in and out. You won’t regret it!

And if you like fantasy, and to linger over a story,  KM  Lockwood gifts you Tales from the Garret   I don’t always have the time to read these tales but the ones I have read are magical.

And finally, have a look at the utterly ridiculous Funeverse. A bunch of poets and illustrators being very silly indeed. I can say that. I’m one of them.

Happy Christmas to all who celebrate the season, and those that don’t, have a very happy 25th December and a wonderful new year x



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