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Hello! I often get sent messages asking me really great writing questions. I love hearing from readers but I also love internet safety – unless we’ve met in real life, we can’t be sure we’re really talking to who we think we’re talking to so, to keep everybody safe in this crazy world, you can pop a question below in the comments, once I’ve approved it, I’ll reply.

Here’s one to start:

Is it hard for you to come up with story ideas or do they come naturally? Because there are some authors that have ideas straight away but there are others where it takes them a while to figure out a story. Caitlin B

I have what’s lovingly called ‘ an over active imagination’. I’m a real day dreamer so I see story ideas EVERYWHERE. And I mean everywhere. I can see an ant carrying a heavy bit of leaf and think…hmmm, I bet some evil overlord ant is making that one work as a slave, and he’s probably plotting an escape with his best friend who'[s actually a non-binary ant with there own issues and doesn’t really want… YOU GET THE IDEA.

But ideas, aren’t story. Story takes a bit of crafting – I do a popular workshop about ‘Ideas, Plot & Structure because the three things need each other to make a really great story.

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