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Beauty Sleep: pacey, gripping mystery thriller.


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Beauty Sleep: YA Book of the summer.

Cathy Cassidy , author of the Chocolate Box Girls series.

Beauty Sleep: Brilliantly original and addictive.

Teri Terry, Author of Slated

Beauty Sleep had me gripped from the start.

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More of Me: The plot of this novel is just about as bizarre as they can get, but is also wickedly enchanting. Taking puberty and screwing it up more than it already is takes serious guts. Guts that Kathryn Evans clearly has. 

Everybody Learns

More of Me: Of all of us, teenagers are surely the most enthralled by ideas of self and self-determination and this creepy, unusual novel will have them glued to the pages

Guardian Children’s Books.

More of Me: I was hooked even after the first paragraph. It is now actually one of my favourite books!

Our Book Reviews Online

More of Me: An absolutely brilliant YA debut from Kathryn Evans; part thriller, part science fiction, part romance, part everyday growing-up problems – and totally fab!

The Irish Examiner

More of Me: The tension is maintained until the end in this sometimes chilling science fiction tale. It’s a terrific read.

Words Are My Craft

More of Me: If you want to read a book that is utterly unique (and I mean UNIQUE) and really fascinating, pick up a copy of this.

Awfully Big Reviews.

More of Me: A witty, original, refreshing read.

Suffolk Libraries

More of Me serves up a gripping blend of teenage identity crisis, science fiction and romance.

Sarina Langer

This review contains spoilers – be warned!

More of Me: An excellent, fast read and I can’t recommend it enough. It was amazing in every way, it really was.

Love Reading 4 Kids

More of Me: Debut of The Month February.

‘This book was brilliant! Blew me away… So much had gone into it I literally could not stop reading!’

Lancashire Evening Post:

More of Me: A brilliant page-turner from a talented new writer…

The Book Bag

More of Me: FIVE STARS!!!!

A powerful page-turner based on what is likely to be one of the most original concepts of 2016. A must-read for teens and adults alike.

Serendipity Reviews:

More of Me:There is nothing like this on the YA market. I love this book! Already a firm favourite with me and will definitely be one of the most talked about debuts of 2016.

Tanya Landman, Carnegie Medal Winner 2015:

More of Me: Very weird and very wonderful. What a debut!

Teri Terry, author of the Slated series:

More of Me: Weird, wonderful and utterly fabulous, I read this is one big gulp. I loved it!

The Bookseller:

More of Me: A gripping thriller with a sinister sci-fi edge, exploring family, identity and sacrifice.

Mary Hoffman, author of the Stravaganza series:

More of Me: An attention grabbing debut which kept me surprised right up to the end.

Tamsyn  Murray, author of My So-Called Afterlife:

More of Me: A super-smart, standout read that takes a pinch of sci-fi, a dash of romance and a hefty dose of tension and mixes them all up in a contemporary test tube. It grabbed me from the first page and didn’t let go!

Bryony Pearce, author of Phoenix Rising:

More of Me: A tense, thought-provoking  thriller about the (quite literal) pain of growing up. What is really wrong with Teva? I couldn’t put this novel down!