A Storm of Strawberries

By Kathryn Evans If you don’t know me very well, you may not know that as well as being a writer, I also run a soft fruit farm with my husband. Last year, the world of words and the world of fruit collided in the most serendipitous way. I was asked to do  an event…

Tommyvcancer – Blog Tour!!!

Hey Tommy, you’re on tour – soooo rock and roll!  And you’ve reached the end of treatment – I know the ride ahead is still tough but look what you’ve done! And this is what we’re doing: See you on the 11th! Kathy x

Ace Club, lower your lashes: RIP Louise Rennison

Today I am wearing my boy entrancers at half mast. I debated shaving my eyebrows off but I have school visits to do and I don’t want to frighten the children. Something had to be done though, for yesterday, the lightiest of lights went out.

A Writer to Delight in – Holly Bourne

I picked up the Manifesto on How To Be Interesting, and then Am I Normal Yet because I wanted to read a few more Usborne YA books and get to know the neighbours. One more reason to love my publisher. Holly Bourne is my kind of writer – honest and playful and prepared to dig deep. Right…

Three Cracking Historical YA Novels

I’ve never read so much historical YA in one hit and there’s more to come!  Here are three of my favorites so far I’m almost finished reading Lucy Coats Cleo too, another cracker- my brain is learning so much stuff it may burst!

The Ultimate Cat Excuse

I had planned to blog about attending Lucy Coats’ fabulous book launch for her new book Cleo last night. 

A Perfect Night for a Writer – Jeannie Waudby launches One Of Us

My absolutely lovely critique pal, Jeannie Waudby, launched her debut novel – One of Us – last night. I had  day release from the farm and was so excited I travelled up early. My journey to London was enlivened by the presence of three young men travelling to Soho for a Drag Queen Competition.