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More of Me is OUT NOW

I am in a whirl. What a crazy, crazy week it’s been. My amazing family and friends cleared out two launch events of books. Incredible reviews have been rolling in every day. I’ve been given flowers and chocolates and beautiful hand made More of Me stars (from my editor – we love a bit of Usborne Make & Do!) There was this in the Guardian and…

And then my wonderful agent said…

How’s the next  book coming along?

Aaaargh!!!! So, to work, but here are a few photographs from an amazing week – thanks to Candy Gourlay, Christine Vinall, Susan Robbins, Nancy Hughes, Sophie Boyle and Sarah McIntye for pictures – sorry if I missed anyone!

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Books, For Readers, More of Me

The Hatching of a Rare New Book – Ellen Renner

I love this post from Ellen Renner, it really made me laugh but more than that, I recognise the truths in it and it means so much. Ellen is such a talented writer, she has that rare gift of producing books with a fresh vision but a classic feel . I’m blessed to share a crit group with her and all my other critters. They make so much difference to me an my writing and they’ve all supported More of Me in so many ways: thanks SoftSS, our Lord and Master Nicky Schmidt, Ellen, Jackie Marchant, Jeannie Waudby, Vanessa Harbour, Pat Walsh and Carmel Waldron – so much love for you guys xxx


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To be read-inside-your-head in a hushed, David Attenborough-ish voice:

We’re here tonight to observe the birth of an extraordinary and rare creature: the truly original book. (Pauses for emphasis.) We have been stalking this creature’s mother for years, knowing she was heavily pregnant with story. But the gestation period experienced by Author Originalis is wildly variable, given the harsh conditions of its habitat. Patience was necessary but our observations had indicated that this particular mother is a pretty tough cookie! And all indications are that this rare and beautiful egg will hatch tomorrow, Monday, first of February 2016! It’s party-time folks!

Okay, okay, that last bit was me. But it really is party-time and I’m off to a book launch tomorrow. No ordinary book launch, but the much-talked-about party to celebrate the birth of Kathy Evans’ first book, More of Me.

I’m one of Kathy’s (aka the lovely Mrs…

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Boy and a Biscuit

I literally love this post on YAShelfies so I am sharing it with you all!

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Kathryn Evans and Usborne Books Are in A Relationship.

So he's a tiny bit taller than me.
The lovely @PhilipArdagh shared my announcement on his facebook page – and I hadn’t even kidnapped his cat.

If you’re a friend of mine on Facebook or Twitter you may have noticed the buzz surrounding the announcement that my YA novel, More of Me, is to be published by Usborne in 2016. I’m pretty sure the outpouring of congratulations  is because I’ve been on the shelf longer than most.  If it can happen to me, the girl who’s been at it for YEARS, it can happen to anyone.

Anyone who has something to say.

Anyone who gets on and writes the book.

Anyone who takes every knock back on the chin and tries to be better.

Anyone who  works and works at learning this wonderful craft of writing.

For my writer friends, still on the shelf, that’s you.

And one day, this will be you too. Delighted, barely able to believe it, excited, terrified.

When the email  arrived from my wonderful agent, Sophie Hicks, I screamed. Then I cried. Then I rang my husband and breathlessly told him the news.

I kept it quiet for a long time because contracts take a while and I couldn’t really believe it was happening – I didn’t want to jinx it. Then, one day,  a twitter notification popped up, followed by several more – Usborne had sent out the press release , we really were engaged!

For years I’ve wanted an editor in my Christmas stocking, and now I’ve got one, Sarah Stewart, Senior Fiction Editor at Usborne and I’m meeting her for real on Tuesday. She says lovely things like this:

“More of Me quite simply has the most original, compelling and incredible concept I’ve ever come

I am all of a flutter.

Hold tight my friends, keep writing, keep learning, your time will come x

PS Shoudl somebody warn the copy editor? There may be overtiem…( I left those in on purpose, honest…)