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Kathryn Evans is an award winning author and part of the BBC Teach series for English Language GCSE.  She delivers  lively and inspiring talks and workshops, with a mixture of honesty, insight  and practical advice from years 5 to adult. 

WOW! We have been bowled over by the brilliant @KathrynEvansInk today! Thanks to @AuthorsAbroad_ for help with organising such a spot on event! We sold out of all our stock! It’s safe to say our readers are INSPIRED! 🙂

Sally Baker, Durrington High School


Edinburgh Festival 2017 with Jonathan Stroud and David Levithan.


Self Esteem and Social Media: Tying in with themes from Kathryn’s new book Beauty Sleep, this talk takes a humorous look at beauty standards through the ages and how that affects our minds and bodies.  There are short and long versions of this talk, from 10 to 25-30 minutes but can be combined with a Q & A and reading for longer sessions. 25-30 minutes.

A Passion for Reading: A self-deprecating walk through Kathryn’s life with books.  With a sprinkling of science, a look at Kathryn’s ridiculous wardrobe and a lot of good humour, this talk is designed to inspire the audience to pick up a book. 25-30 minutes

Resilience:  Kathryn is the poster girl for tenacity. It took her more than 15 years to get published so she knows a thing or two about picking herself up and trying again. She’s also training hard to earn a place in the British veteran fencing squad (yes, really!)  If you want a talk about grit, determination and resilience – this is it! 25-30 minutes

Resilience and Reading:  A longer talk combining A Passion for Reading and Resilience-  what it takes to succeed and how reading helps with whatever you choose to do. 40-60 minutes

Creativity: This dynamic short talk explores what creativity is, why it matters across the curriculum and how you can develop it.  A small amount of preparation and tidying up  is required but it’s a lot of fun and guaranteed to engage the audience.  15 -20 minutes

All talks can be followed by a reading and Q& A so can be completely flexible in terms of time – from 25 minutes to an hour.


“Kathryn’s style  is clear, commanding and calm. The teaching was relevant and really made accessible to teenage boys!”

Colin P. Old Teacher, Chichester High School.

“My daughter attended your workshop at the library today and came home buzzing!”

Nichola Cox, Parent.

Workshops can be tailored to your timetable but usually fit within the time frame of 50 – 90 minutes. A workshop is limited to a maximum of 30 students.

  • Ideas, Character & Setting: Hands-on practical session looking in detail at how to understand and craft believable characters and how setting is used to enhance story. 50 -70 minutes
  • Ideas, Plot & Structure: Hands-on practical session, looking at generating ideas, different types of plot and how to use structure for impact in your story. 50-70 minutes.
  • Magic Spark to Manuscript: A combination of both the above workshops for a longer workshop. This can be delivered in 90-120 minutes for year seven and up. For Able Writer’s days ( primary school) it’s better delivered over a full day.



A usual visit is four sessions across a full school day. A half-day is two sessions. A session can be either a talk or a workshop but every booking should include  at least one talk – this is the way to reach as many pupils as possible as there is no upper limit on how many can attend a talk.

Please do not leave Kathryn alone with pupils, it is a condition of her public liability insurance and she will not continue with her talk if left unattended. Thank you.

Signing books at Edinburgh Book festival with Electrigirl author, Jo Cotterill.


Kathryn’s talks use powerpoint so she needs a screen, something to stick a usb into and someone who knows how to make it all work – please ensure this is checked before her  visit.

Workshops require powerpoint, useful but not essential is a white board or an A3 flipchart – all students require writing materials!

A glass of water is helpful and, for book signing, a table and chair.


signing bl
Signing Books at Bishop Luffa School 2016


Please think about book sales. Kathryn doesn’t have a stock of her own books but lots of school librarians have a relationship with a local bookseller and kindly organise books that way.  Book sales are very important  to an author – please talk to Kathryn if it’s a problem and she’ll help sort something out.

Please notify the  audience in advance that there will be books to buy, or, even better, ask them to pre-order them.  Kathryn can send a letter to assist with this – and if you remind them, that helps too! A signed book is something most children will treasure.


“Kathryn’s talk was engaging and lively – it totally fulfilled the ‘passion for reading’ brief!”

“Flexible, funny and interesting, Kathryn is a great speaker who knows how to interact with her audience.”

Kate Angus, Chichester High School.

“Young adults can sometimes prove to be hard to engage and yet they were listening and laughing consistently throughout.”

“Extremely flexible, working around the college’s timings with enthusiasm and engagement.”

“The focus on creativity, publishing and aspirations met all of the targets for the talk. It was focused at the right level academically, with aspects of professional development and light in tone.”

“All students and staff spoke extremely highly of Kathryn’s passion, energy, humour and insight into writing and publishing. Very insightful and inspiring.”

Will Bowerman, Southdowns College

“Kathryn is very easy to work with and has an excellent way of interacting with children and young people.”

“The children were completely engaged and the talk was relevant to their age and interest.”

Kerry Brookes West Sussex Libraries.

“Kathryn’s relaxed manner really engaged the pupils straight away, her whole talk was really interesting and we sold lots of her books!”

“Great idea to have a bag of pre-prepared questions in case pupils lose their tongues!!”

Margaret Bone, Bishop Luffa School

“I’ve already recommended Kathryn to other schools because of emails I received from staff who saw her talk and nice comments from the girls (pupils)”

“Organisation and timing were excellent, we shared emails until the day of the event.”

Clara Fernandez, La Retraite School

“I was grateful you were flexible enough to start a bit early.”

“Our Year 9 boys were fully engaged in what you had to say, because of your use of humour and excellent IT.”

“It was an appealing talk that motivates pupils not only to read your book but fiction in general.”

Susan Mulkern, Chichester Boy’s High School


Fee’s are currently a little below Society of Author recommended rates as Kathryn wants to get out to as many schools and events as possible.

Schools & Colleges:

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