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More of Me Questions

This post is intended for people who have read More of Me and want to discuss it further. It may give away plot spoilers!

I’m a big fan of book groups – I’ve been in one for years, we’re called The Papercuts and we meet up about every 5 or 6 weeks. We take turns to choose books and we all have different tastes so I often read things I’d never dream of picking up – it’s led to some really interesting reads – and some sideways friendships…yeah, I hang out with JoJo  Moyes now…( not really, well, a bit, on Facebook…)

More of Me

When it’s my turn to choose a book, I always have a quick look on the internet to see if there are book club questions, they sometimes trigger interesting discussions,  maybe make you think about things in a slightly different way. I know More of Me is a weird book, but I hope, at it’s heart, everyone can connect with it. Here are some of my  questions, feel free to fire back at me in the comments section! I’ll try and reply as fast as I can if you want to take my answers along to your book group.

  1. An editor  described More of Me as “uniquely familiar”, do you agree with this statement?  What do you think she meant?
  2. At the heart of More of Me is Teva’s quest to find her own identity, do you think she achieves this?
  3. Why do you think Teva clings so tightly to Ollie in the early stages of the book? What is it that makes her give him up? Did her decision make you view her differently?
  4. Teva has a difficult relationship with Fifteen – it’s clear Fifteen is jealous of Teva but how do you think Teva views Fifteen?
  5. Teva is often so wrapped up in her own problems, she doesn’t always  think about other people. Why do you think Maddy puts up with it?
  6. When Teva begins to suspect the others might not be real, did you think you knew where the story was going? Why do you think I took you on that journey  and resolved it the way I did?
  7. Were you surprised by what happened to Teva at the end of the book? Do you think I made the right decision about that?
  8. How did your feelings about Teva’s Mum change through the book? Did you sympathise with her at all?
  9. Did you identify with any of the previous Tevas particularly strongly? Why do you think that is?
  10. What did you think of the metaphor I used for Teva’s peculiar growing up journey – did it work for you?

And finally…

11. I really wanted to leave readers with a feeling of hope, that things would nearly always come out right in the end, no matter how bad it got – did I achieve this?

Thanks for choosing More of Me for your book group. It’ll be my choice for Papercuts soon – no idea what to choose. Feel free to make suggestions! Skype visits are also possible to your book group , just send me a message via the contact page and we’ll see what can be arranged.

My fab book group 🙂

2 thoughts on “For Book Groups”

  1. Thanks for the questions. I may add some more after book club.
    And btw, it’s been great reading the book again! I’ve gained some new insight (I took some notes this time!) and can’t wait to discuss it tomorrow.

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