Book Week 2018 (A bit belated)

I had an amazing book week earlier this year but I haven’t posted about it yet for reasons that will become apparent…

First stop was  Torbridge High in Plymouth, where they matched their book of the week poster with my galaxy hair! This was such a lovely welcoming school, I had a fabulous day.



I travelled North via Bath  fulfilling a dream to visit this amazing city… I even got a chance to swim in the legendary spa waters – though not these ones, that’s not allowed…


I arrived in Gloucester, where even though it  snowed, only one school cancelled. I arrived early at a very organised Katherine Lady Berkeley School:


I caught up with wonderful author Bryony Pearce before moving on to Wycliffe where they absolutely spoiled me rotten!

I was so glad I made it. It started snowing pretty seriously and my next school had to cancel but I squeezed in one more, and I’m so glad I did,  Dean Close School was an absolute delight – they even put me up for an extra night because I got snowed in!


Thankfully I got back in time for a  Very Important Fencing Competition in London. If I came in the top 3, I had a high chance of being selected to represent Great Britain. And guess what?


I did!


Unfortunately I didn’t get selected – I’ve missed a lot of competitions from injury and illness and I don’t have experience of fencing abroad – all things to work on – one day it’ll happen!

After the competition I headed back to the South West for the Concorde Book Awards which was HUGE fun . I won Author Top Trumps and Author 101 but I was only runner up in the actual award which went to Joshua Khan – curse him! Still, I did get to hear the pupils talking about More of Me which was amazing!



And then…I was laid low by the flu.  And that is why this post didn’t get written because there is no pushing through with the flu. No amount of Lemsip will make your limbs work, or your brain function in a normal  way so I gave in and spent a fortnight quietly editing my new book from my sofa.


To be fair, there are worse places to work…


I’m fully recovered now, my edits have been turned in and I’m nearly finished writing my third book so it’s about time I caught up on blogging.

P.s. I’ve already got two schools booked in for Book Week 2019,  so do get in touch with Author’s Abroad if you’d like to book me. I’ve got something super exciting planned for next spring too – because after a mere three years, I’ll have a new book! There’ll be a new talk on Self Esteem and Social Media that will definitely feature my very swollen lips after an encounter with tooth whitening toothpaste…

Kathryn Evans is an award winning author and accomplished public speaker – if you’d like to book her for an event, please contact Authors Abroad.