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Redbridge Book Award

More of Me has  been shortlisted for a few regional awards which is absolutely lovely. Even lovelier is that you get invited to award ceremonies that are heaps of fun. This week I was in Redbridge  with Teri Terry, Anne Cassidy, Christopher Edge and Peter Bunzl.

We were spoiled rotten with an amazing lunch – I ate all the cake before it could be photographed but you know, if you will serve macaron that perfectly match my hair, I am going to eat them.

There was a quiz in which I answered all the questions about More of Me without any help from Peter Bunzl. I’m such a fibber! How do you forget things from your own book!!?  Mind you, I wasn’t alone, cough, cough… Needless to say, the author table did not win the quiz.

We did all enjoy answering  the very interesting, beautifully phrased questions, such as:

Do you magpie away ideas?

Yes! We all do. We pick up all the shiny ideas and squirrel them away .

As if we weren’t spoiled enough, we were given flowers and certificates.

Kathryn Evans And Teri Terry

It was huge fun and then someone gave Christopher Edge an award and it went completely to his head….