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Tweetspeare- Othello in Tweets

In response to Nina Killham’s brilliant twitter version of Romeo and Juliet and Fiona Dunbar’s hilarious twitter Macbeth, I give you Othello. It’s in Tweets, you have to read up from the bottom – I took the whole tweet thing a bit too seriously…

Othello:  #goodbyecruelworld

Othello:  I kissed her, then I killed her, #ihavenowife #wheresmydagger

Desdemona: @girlfriends need help,  he’s here, he’s got a pillow, I think he’s going to k…

DM Desdemona @girlfriends help me!

DM: Othello, wait there, I’m coming to our room.

DM: Desdemona: That’s not true @othello, I only love you

DM Othello: @desdemona  Going to miss @cassio are you?  I knew you fancied him!

DM Desdemona:@othello what have you done?

DM Othello: @desdemona  I did ask @cassio and now his mouth is stopp’d.

DM Desdemona: @othello I didn’t, promise, ask @cassio

DM Othello @desdemona you gave my hankie to cassio #ambetrayed

DM Desdemona @othello babe, what did I do?

DM Desdemona: @girlfriends Othello furious – no idea why – think I’m in trouble

Othello: @desdemona just do it  #ambetrayed

Desdemona: @othello babe what’s up?

Othello: @desdemona go to our room, wait for me #ambetrayed

Desdemona: @othello what’s up baby?

Othello : Am heartbroken #ambetrayed

DM Othello: @iago WTF!?  #ambetrayed

DM Iago: @othello  cassio has Desdemona’s hankie… reckon she gave it to him? #notsureyourbestmatecanbetrusted

DM Desdemona @girlfriends omg omg omg  lost the hankie Othello gave me, #massivestress

Desdemona: @othello  course not babe

Othello: @desdemona RT hankie: not the special one I gave you? #lovetokens

Desdemona: eek, lost my hankie

DM Iago @roderigo well done mate, Cassio looks a right idiot. Need to drop a hankie where he’ll pick it up #ratinatrap

Cassio: #hangoverfromhell

Roderigo: @cassio stabbed me,  needed 10 stitches #luckytobealive

DM Iago: @roderigo I’ll get cassio drunk – you knife  him

Cassio: @iago just the one – am such a light weight!

Iago: @desdemona  oh good @cassio fancy a drink to celebrate?

Desdemona: @othello @cassio @iago  he’s safe, I see the ship, oh baby am so happy #goodtimes

DM Roderigo: @ iago damn it, there’s his ship.

DM Iago: @roderigo RT  desdemona want a hug – Wtf? Cassio so wants to her – you need to kill C hopefully O gonna drown at sea

Cassio: @desdemona want a hug?

Desdomona: RT @cassio respect @othello totally saved @desdemona #massivebabe from #stormatsea , hope he’s ok :/ #superhero – where is he? Need my bae 😦

Cassio: respect @othello totally saved @desdemona #massivebabe from #stormatsea , hope he’s ok :/ #superhero

Desdemona: omg on a ship with @iago in massive #stormatsea not even on  same boat as @othello 😦

Iago: @Othello nice one, bet @desdemona’s dad didn’t see that one coming #parentfail

DM Iago: @roderigo don’t sweat it, just watch  cassio,  he’s after her and MY job, thieving b****d

DM Roderigo: @iago that foreigner married Desdemona. Now what? I want that woman.

Desdomona: @othello I love it when you talk like that #sweettalk

Othello: come @desdomona , I have but an hour of love to spend with thee before we must depart for sea

Desdamona: Can’t believe it, am married OMG he is gorge, gave me this http:/twitpic/hankie