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Writer’s Tricks: Listen to the FunEverse

Thank you so much for  your marvellous  advice last week  on  Getting Started.  I took it. Most of it. And it had an unexpected outcome.

First I had an idea. A little tiny bite size idea for a very silly poem. Chuckling, I wrote it down .  It didn’t hurt at all but I still wasn’t ready to plunge in with a new book so….

I searched my loft for a missing pair of china dogs – as you do – and accidentally found this:

A load of old nonsense from Edward Lear

More silly poems? What a very strange coincidence.

And then….

Radio 4 aired a Bicentenary Celebration of the Birth of Edward Lear. Well goodness, really, what a remarkable coincidence.

And then…..

I got an email from Maureen Lynas.  Could I get to work on my author page  for the brand new funEverse blog?  (funEverse is a group of SCBWI children’s poets who critique each other’s work in private and are very soon about to go PUBLIC – aaaargh)

Could I? Could I ? I HAD to – clearly the world of silly poems was conspiring to get me back to work.   Oh! What fun –  unbridled mucking about with words. And the funny thing is, that’s what made me want to write in the first place. Mucking about with words.

I can not wait to introduce you to the happy band of lunatics that inhabit the FunEverse – watch this space next Friday!

After three years of writing a book

At another I just couldn’t look

I’d had quite enough

Of high hopes and stuff

Not one look at a book could I took.

That’s silly, it doesn’t even make any sense!

I know! Isn’t it fun 🙂 Next time you’re struggling for words, take a bite size nibble at some verse.

Why not give it a go now?