Talks & Workshops

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For Ages 11 and up:


Self Esteem and Social Media: Tying in with themes from Kathryn’s book Beauty Sleep, this talk takes a humorous look at beauty standards through the ages and how they affect our minds and bodies.  Can be combined with a Q & A and reading for longer sessions. 25-30 minutes.

Resilience and Reading:  Updated after Covid Lockdown, when even Kathryn, the poster girl for tenacity, had to find new ways to motivate herself. It took Kathryn more than 15 years to get published so she knows a thing or two about picking herself up and trying again. She’s also trained hard to earn a place in the British veteran fencing squad (yes, really!) and built a multi million pound farming business from a caravan in a field.   25-30 minutes

What Women Are: a motivating talk on the broad and diverse capabilities of women – based on personal experience and some unusual historic figures, this talk is designed to inspire young women and impress young men. 25-30 minutes

Empathy: New for 2021; Empathy is a powerful social tool but also key to academic success and a skill employers look for. This talk looks at empathy on a personal and global level and advises how to develop it through reading for pleasure. 25-35 minutes

All talks can be followed by a reading and Q& A so can be completely flexible in terms of time – from 25 minutes to an hour.


Workshops can be tailored to your timetable but usually fit within the time frame of 50 – 70 minutes. A workshop is limited to a maximum of 30 students

  • Ideas, Character & Setting: Hands-on practical session looking in detail at how to understand and craft believable characters and how setting is used to enhance story. 50 -70 minutes
  • Ideas, Plot & Structure: Hands-on practical session, looking at generating ideas, different types of plot and how to use structure for impact in your story. 50-70 minutes.

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Full Day Workshop

Delivered over a whole day to a single class of up to 30 students, this workshop covers all the basic elements of writing a book from ideas, to plot, character, setting, and structure. It’s a fun but intensive,  a hands-on practical day that will leave students inspired and informed.

For Primary Schools

Years 5 and 6 only

Magic Spark to Manuscript: This workshop is designed for the A.I.M High (Achieve, Inspire, Master) programme organised by Authors Abroad. Students have a really fun day exploring all the elements of writing a novel: ideas, character, setting, plot, and structure. With lots of encouragement and fun exercises to help concentration, this is a truly inspiring day. Every student has a signed souvenir of the event.