Kathryn Evans is an award winning author of young adult novels and an experienced speaker for schools and festivals, giving inspiring talks and workshops.

During the first Covid lockdown  Kathryn founded Our Corona Diary , a free resource site that brought together many creative professionals to help young people document their own experience of Covid. 

During the second ‘stay home order’, Kathryn mostly cried.

And in the third lockdown, Kathryn discovered TikTok. There she created a little corner of comfort  for the young people so badly affected by the Covid 19 restrictions. 

Kathryn ‘s hobbies of fencing, poetry and belly dancing have been on hold while the world  (and her brain) recovers from its current state but Kathryn still lives on a farm with her husband and has two children who she has missed enormously during the pandemic and two cats  and  two  dogs who she has not missed at all. Because they are always in her face. 

Kathryn believes you can like pink and still be fierce. That’s her below, in the pink mask (obviously.)


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