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Still banging on about libraries.

Me ( listening to Radio 4 Today): I don’t think we all need superfast broadband, I’d be happy if I had a reliable 2 meg.

Son ( age 10): They should spend the money on libraries.

Me: Why?

Son: Well, say I was studying for an exam and needed to look something up, where would I go if there wasn’t a library?

Me (playing Devil’s advocate) : The internet?

Son: I could but the print is small, the screen too bright and to be honest, it gives me a headache. Anyway, Emily is always using it to watch Peepshow.

Me: Hmmm.  Would you like to sign Alan Gibbons Open Letter to help save our libraries?

Son: What’s that?

Me: It’s just an easy way of telling the goverment why you think we should keep our libraries, lots of people have signed it.

Son: Yeah Ok.

Sign up here:

Open letter against library closures

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