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What Makes a Writer?

I’m busy. Really busy. So I decided, until I  had an actual contract, I’d have to ease back on writing time, make way for other stuff,  the stuff  of life:

Running the farm

Setting up new business

Feeding the children

Cleaning the hen house

Driving Son all over the county for fencing competitions.


I really did mean it when I said it.

I even told my writer’s group.

Then I had a niggly idea.  I started a new note book. Just notes. Nothing too time consuming.  Then a chapter out line, that’s all, nothing too absorbing.

Then I had another idea. One of those ideas that takes over your head. And a character – complex and lovable – who was crying out for me to tell her (crazy) story.

So I’m finding the time.

That’s what makes a writer. Not contracts. Writing.  And that is the stuff of my life.

PS: I lied about the dusting. You knew that though, right?

9 thoughts on “What Makes a Writer?”

  1. When I get a rejection, I tell myself, I will focus on my day job and start dreaming about writing. And then I go two days without writing, I can’t even sleep. Animals talk in my head, stories jostle in their jammies and I want to write – a story, a poem, a scribble…. I don’t want to write, I have to write. Thanks for reminding us Kathryn.

  2. Absolutely no point in dusting – it only comes back again. It’s a bit like writing, in that respect – you think you’re done and all out of time and ideas, then the urge just comes back to you. And isn’t it funny that you can have a few perfectly good ideas, but then one comes along that really whisks you away?

  3. Having a story like that is a bit like being pregnant. You’re going to have to keep going now till it’s out and it is better out than in, believe me.
    I’ve had terrible heartburn with the one I’m on at the moment. feels like I’ve been pregnant forever and fat! – you wouldn’t believe how fat I am. I’ve got this awful over-cooked story waddle – don’t ask me to explain that.
    As soon as a we get this small matter of a W&P launch out the way. I’ll be on it – popping story out all over the place.

    It’s late.

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