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Ideas for “Subtle” World Book Day Costumes

By Kathryn Evans

Okay, I confess, I may be get a little over excited about World Book Day  – I love dressing up!

I barely need an excuse for dress ups…

Last year I was at La Retraite school in London and had a brilliant day – they’d gone all out of the costume front, including the staff:

My favourite was this:


The Wardobe from The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe!

But maybe you want to do something less…loud? How about a character from Teri Terry’s Mind Games?

Or you could make yourself a pair of bra shoes like Fran from Olivia Levez’ The Island

Or look at these Teva  inspired fingernails – aren’t they amazing?! The first More of Me dress ups I’ve seen for World Book Day.tevas-nails


Book Aid International are the brains behind World Book Day – their mission is to raise money to create libraries in sub-Saharan Africa. We are SO LUCKY in the west to have our wonderful library service (it breaks my heart to see it being eroded but that’s another story). Here’s something we can do to celebrate and support libraries world wide – that sounds like a brilliant excuse for dressing up to me.  Book Aid International have free templates for you to use.  My favourite are these Geek Girl glasses:

Holly Smale Geek Girl Glasses

Here’s a quick link to that template.

So now you’ve got no excuses! Go big or go subtle – everyone can join in World Book Day. Enjoy! I’m planning to 🙂




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