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This is the one, isn’t it? CILIP Carnegie & Greenaway Medal 2015

Tinder, Sally Gardner & David Roberts Greenaway and Carnegie Shortlist

I realise this makes me look overly ambitious but, come on, this is the one we all dream about, isn’t it? To make it anywhere close to The Cilip Carnegie/Greenaway Medal longlist is fabulous – to make the shortlist? Surely it’s not just me that gets dizzy thinking about it? You can keep fame and fortune – to have written or illustrated a book that’s marked out as special by librarians – LIBRARIANS – could there be any higher accolade?

Well, maybe the Branford Boase prize for authors and editors…

And the Blue Peter Book Award chosen by children….

Buffalo Soldier, Tanya Landman Carnegie Shortlist

But today is all about the Greenaway and Carnegie. HUGE congratulations to those shortlisted. I’ve read a few of the books already – I adored Tinder but have long been a Sally Gardner fan so no surprise there. To the top of my reading list go Tanya Landman’s Buffalo Soldier, Geraldine MacCaughrean’s The Middle Of Nowhere and Patrick Ness’s More Than This. 

And how wonderful to see illustrated novels and non-fiction on the Greenaway list. I need ALL those books and Tinder appears there again with David Robert’s moody illustrations.

What a lovely start to the day. Good luck to all of you – long live the book award. it’s exciting enough as a reader, it must feel wonderful to be there as a writer or illustrator.

Shackleton’s Journey, William Grill Greenaway Shortlist

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